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ATM Implementation Assignment Help

Asynchronous Transfer Mode, or ATM, is a network switching and packet format standard. Every ATM packet has 56 bytes, 40 of which are for data. On-demand network bandwidth is provided by these networks. Many students find it difficult to comprehend this subject, thus they seek dependable assignment aid. BookMyEssay is the appropriate place for you to get the finest ATM Implementation Assignment Help and get top scores. Our best UK writers have extensive knowledge in this subject and can provide a thorough explanation for any issue.

What is ATM Implementation?

ATM is a technology that has contributed to the evolution of packet switching. Every cell is 53 bytes long (48 bytes payload and 5 bytes header). If you build an ATM, you must first send a message to establish a connection.

It can handle both constant-rate and variable-rate traffic. It transports a variety of traffic while providing quality assignment help. Because it is not reliant on any transmission media, it may be conveyed through fiber or cable, or contained in a payload or any other carrier system.

It can effectively call relay and send information like as data, speech, or video in fixed six packets called as cells. The network has been established, and cells are being transmitted asynchronously.

ATM Applications

The ATM applications are highlighted in our ATM Implementation Assignment Help Online as follows:

ATM WAN: It is used as WANs for sending calls to long distances. The router serves as an end-point between the networks.

Frame relay backbone: Frame relay services are networking infrastructure for various data services and it enables frame-relay ATM to an internetworking service.

Multimedia managed services and virtual private networks: It helps to manage LAN, ATM, and video services and it has the capability to offer complete virtual private networking including integrated multimedia access.

Residential broadband network: ATM offers the networking infrastructure for establishing residential broadband services for highly scalable solutions.

Carrier infrastructure for private line and telephone networks: To make SONET/SDH fiver infrastructure more effective by building an ATM infrastructure to carry out private-line and telephonic traffic.

Why ATM Network?

Some of the reasons to use ATM networks are discussed in our ATM Implementation Assignment Help are as follows:

  • It is driven by performance needs and integration services of data networking and telephony.
  • Internet does not offer quality services, however, it is cheap and flexible
  • Telephone networks are expensive to boot and supports quality services.
  • ATM networks support a wide range of quality services at a reasonable cost. It can work similarly to the internet and the telephone network.

ATM Layers

The ATM Layers are as follows:

ATM Adaption Layer or AAL: It can isolate higher protocol layers from ATM processes. It converts user data to cells and thereafter segments it to 48-byte payloads. It helps to map applications such as data, and voice to ATM cells.

Physical Layer: It manages transmission that is dependent on the medium. This layer is divided into two layers-transmission convergence sublayer and medium-dependent sublayer. Its main functions are as follows:

  • It converts cells to a bitstream
  • It tracks the cell boundaries of ATM
  • It controls the receipt and transmission of bits in a physical medium

ATM Layer: It handles switching, transmission, cell header processing, congestion control and it can share virtual circuits through the physical link. It passes cell via ATM network called cell relay thus using VCI and VPI information in a cell header.

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