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Oracle's ASM, or Automatic Storage Management, is a logical volume manager. Oracle Managed Files, or OMF, are used to identify and name database files. Until the device is fresh, ASM uses filesystems, raw discs, and files that seem like discs. While writing assignments on ASM, students face a variety of obstacles. As a result, people turn to BookMyEssay for precise ASM Assignment Help. We have hired skilled specialists with extensive expertise in this field. Our online tutors compose assignments based on the demands of the students, and using assignment help online will help you get A+ scores.

What is ASM?

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) streamlines Oracle-related file management by allowing an administrator to refer to disc groups rather than individual files and discs that are controlled by ASM. This feature is an extension of the Oracle Managed Files (OMF) technology, which includes mirroring and striping for safe and balanced storage.

ASM feature is utilized in conjunction with cooked and pre-existing raw file systems, as well as manually and OMF controlled files. ASM is in charge of its operation. It is not a full database; it simply contains memory structures, making it lightweight and compact.

ASM offers the following functions:
  • It manages disk groups
  • It manages disk redundancy in a disk group
  • It supports huge files
  • It allows database object management minus specifying filenames and mount points
  • It offers I/O balancing minus any manual tuning.

Advantages of ASM

ASM is a high-performance and an integrated disk manager and database file system. It is based on a principle that it must manage storage rather than an administrator doing it. It reduces the requirement to manage potential Oracle database files directly.

Its benefits are highlighted in our Assignment Help in UK as follows: Striping: It spreads data on all disks evenly for optimizing utilization and performance. Its even distribution eliminates the requirement of I/O performance tuning and regular monitoring.

Mirroring: It can enhance its availability by file mirroring. It mirrors at a file level. Mirroring indicates storing mirrored copies or redundant copies for avoiding loss of data caused due to disk failures. A mirrored copy is kept on another disk that is separate from an original copy. In the case of disk failure, you can access affected files. It supports both 2-way mirrorings as well as 3-way mirroring.

Manage file creation as well as deletion: It minimizes administration jobs by allowing files that are stored in an ASM disk group to remain Oracle-managed files. It assigns filenames at the time of file creation automatically. When the files are not needed further they are deleted automatically.

Online storage reconfiguration: It allows you in adding and removing the disk from a disk storage system when a database is in operation. At the time you add any disk, it redistributes data automatically so that data gets spread evenly on all disks in a disk group. The redistribution is called rebalancing. This happens in the background that has a slight impact on the performance of a database.

Features of ASM

Some key features are stated in our ASM Assignment Help as follows:
  • It offers optimal I/O balancing minus any manual tuning
  • It replaces Cluster File System
  • It does not have data dictionary
  • It manages disk groups. You should be careful when you select a disk.
  • Disks may be added to a disk group dynamically.
  • A disk may be partial, LUN, or full from RG.
  • When you combine it with OMF, it enhances manageability.
  • RMAN may be used along with ASM.
  • You can create simple tablespace.
  • It introduces three Oracle background processes- ARBx, RBAL, and ASMB.

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