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Apache Cassandra Assignment Help

As part of the Apache collection of suites, BookMyEssay also offers quality and exclusive Apache Cassandra assignment help online for students who are in need of authentic and unique work.

A Background On The Apache Cassandra

Based on our Apache Cassandra Assignment help, the Apache Cassandra is an application that is open-source and free. It is a distributed, wide-column store, management system for NoSQL database that works through handling a large collection of data which works across numerous commodity servers as it provides high availability without any single failure point. Cassandra works by offering support for application clusters that span multiple data centers as well as asynchronous masterless regeneration which allows low latency functions for all clients. Cassandra had been developed to deploy a combination of Dynamo distributed storage from Amazon and regeneration of the processes combined with the storage engine model and Bigtable data from Google.

Basic Facts about Apache Cassandra

The Apache Cassandra was authored by Facebook, Prashant Malik, and Avinash Lakshman. It was developed by the Apache Software Foundation in July 2008. The application was written using the Java programming language. It comes with a cross-platform operating system while it is available in English. The system uses the data store, NoSQL database protocol.

The history of Apache Cassandra

Before it became a part of the Apache collective of system applications, the Apache Cassandra had its humble beginnings. It actually started with Avinash Lakshman and Prashant Malik. Lakshman was among the authors of the Dynamo from Amazon. Malik had been part of the team that had previously developed the Cassandra application in Facebook. This was meant to support the inbox search feature of Facebook. Later in July 2008. Facebook then launched Cassandra in the form of an open-source software project using Google code. Later, the following year, Cassandra had been adopted as part of the Apache Incubator project. Then subsequently in February 2010, it had been upgraded to a high-priority project.

The developers at Facebook had called the database, Cassandra, which was the name of a Trojan mysterious prophet. The name also has classical allusions to a spell on an oracle. The Main Features of the Apache Cassandra

When it comes to the Apache Cassandra, there are many features that are used to define this application. The Apache Cassandra comes with internal features such as:

Distributed: This means that all the nodes in the cluster play a similar role. There isn’t any single failure point. There is an equal distribution of data across this cluster to ensure that each node has different data.

Supports replication/ multiple data center replication: it is easy to configure replication strategies. Cassandra has been developed as an application that is distributed, for a large node deployment across numerous data centers. Primary features of the distributed architecture of Cassandra have been tailored specifically for the deployment of multiple data centers, for disaster recovery, failover, and for redundancy.

Scalability: Designed to be able to write and read throughput as they both have a linear increase on the addition of new machines while aiming to eliminate application interruption or downtime.

Fault-tolerant: In this case, data is replicated automatically to numerous nodes for the purpose of fault-tolerance. It supports replication across different data centers. This means that nodes that have failed can be easily replaced without any downtime.

Query language: The Cassandra Query language (CQL) was introduced by Cassandra. CQL provides a simple interface that is used to access Cassandra, which is a good substitution for the typical Structured Query language (SQL).

MapReduce support: Apache Cassandra comes with support for MapReduce as well as Hadoop integration. The application also supports the Apache Hive and Apache Pig.

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