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Anything Goes Assignment Help

When it comes to Anything Goes assignment help onlin, students are usually confused about how to get great support. When it comes to subjects like this, many students are known to be nervous and anxious about writing the assignments. Most students usually find it difficult to find accurate answers to all their assignments.

This is because they lack full academic support from their lecturers. Many tutors usually expect students to perform academic research themselves and come up with quality solutions. In most cases, students usually have lots of academic work to perform. This means that they will not be able to find quality solutions to all of their assignments. This is why you have reliable and trustworthy online academic guidance providers like BookMyEssay. We cater to all the academic needs of all students.

A Background on Anything Goes

Anything Goes is a popular musical that was written by Cole Porter. This is a musical that features lyrics and music that Porter had composed. However, the original book had been written and revised by different writers. The story features a bunch of shenanigans that was exhibited by a group of passengers aboard a ship moving to London to New York. The story follows Billy Crocker, a stowaway who has a crush on Hope Harcourt, an heiress. The story also features characters like Moonface and Reno, the nightclub singer. The musical was filled with several new songs which the audience widely accepting them.

More facts about “Anything Goes”

Our Anything Goes assignment help will ensure that you create acceptable case studies on the book. The play is a musical composition that has Cole Porter as the writer of the lyrics and the music. The film was first produced on Broadway in 1934. This was at the Neil Simon Theater which was then known as the Alvin Theater. Due to the relevance of its theme, the musical has been seen and produced severally around the United Kingdom and the United States. It has also been shown on video three times. This is a musical that many schools and communities like and would occasionally use as a reference. The show was also produced for West End in 1935. Since then, it has gone on to be seen on Broadway Revival (1987), twice on West End Revival (1989 and 2003), the US tour (2012), the UK tour (2012), and the revival London (2011/2022). The show has gone on to win three awards:

  • The Tony award for the film with the best revival – 1987
  • The Laurence Olivier Award for a musical with the best revival – 2002
  • The Tony Award for a musical with the best revival – 2011
  • Anything Goes Assignment help: About the show – Anything Goes

Anything Goes first debuted in 1934 at the Neil Simon Theater, previously called the Alvin Theater. After its debut on Broadway, the film had been revived many times in both the UK and the USA and has been through three different films. Due to the societal and academic relevance of the theme, it has been very popular with many communities and school productions.

The Characters of the Show – Anything Goes

Our Anything Goes homework help online also features a look at some of the important characters that made the music what it is today. None of these characters are:

  • Reno Sweeney – Billy’s old friend that had become a singer of a nightclub from being a sultry evangelist.
  • Billy Crocker – Hope’s young lover, who is a Wall Street broker.
  • Moonface Martin – He was a second-level gangster and famously known as “Public Enemy Number 13”.
  • Evelyn Oakleigh – The eccentric and wealthy English finance of Hope.
  • Hope Harcourt – a debutante of American origin
  • Erma/Bonnie- The girlfriend of Moonface from the 1934 original. Also, the girlfriend of Snake-Eyes as well as Moonface’s friend in the 2011 revival.
  • Captain, Steward – The official purser of the ship.
  • Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt – Hope’s overbearing and haughty mother.
  • Ling and Ching (called John and Luke in the 2002 concert and 1987 revival) – are two converts from China who were reformed gamblers and followed Bishop Henry T. Dobson.
  • The Right Reverend Bishop Henry T. Dobson.
  • Ritz Quartette (from the original of 1934) or Lady Fair (from the revival of 1987)

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