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Antenna Design Assignment Help

Antenna Design is a very essential factor when it comes to using UAVs across a long range where there could be obstacles disrupting its operation. What is an antenna? Our Antenna Design assignment help online guide covers the full meaning of an antenna. In this case, it is a component that is used to transfer a guided wave into free space as well as the reception of the guided wave from space. In principle, an antenna is a transducer which is used to convert alternating wave currents into functional electromagnetic fields. Antennas have structures that contain physical components that are simply called elements. When it comes to antenna styles, there are literally hundreds that we can choose from.

When it comes to antennas, we have the transmit and receive antennas which share similar characteristics and in most cases are easily virtual mirror images of the other. Also, in many cases, it is important to choose different properties for the receiver and transmitter antennas.

The Transmitter Antenna

The transmitter antenna is a type of antenna that makes it possible for you to efficiently radiate RF energy from the output stage directly into free space. In a lot of discrete and modular transmitter constructs, the output power of the transmitter is usually set on purpose than the legal limit. This way, a designer will usually make use of an inefficient design in a bid to achieve cost, size, or cosmetic objectives and still be able to radiate the maximum output power allowed. Since the transmitter supports easy gain realization, the antenna is less efficient more generally compared to the antenna in the receiver.

The receiver antenna

On the other end, there is a receiving antenna which usually intercepts the electromagnetic waves that have been radiated out of the transmitting antenna. Anytime that the waves come in contact with the receiving antenna, there is usually a small voltage that have been induced. This voltage creates a weak flow of current, and this has a similar frequency with the original current that is present in the antenna transmitting the signal.

It is important for the receiving antenna to capture the maximum amount of intended signal, while also capturing possible amounts of other off-frequency signals.  At this point, it should have its maximum performance at the band or frequency at which the receiver had been designed. Important to maximizing the performance range is the efficiency of the antenna of the receiver. The receiver antenna is different from the transmitter antenna because its efficiency can be optimized but in the transmitter antenna, legal operations could restrict its efficiency.

Antennas Types

When it comes to wireless LANs (Local area networks) there are three primary categories in this case. This is the highly directional, the semi directional, and the Omnidirectional.

Omnidirectional antennas These types of antennas have been designed and configured to transfer signals at all directions. However, the laws of physics does not support any antenna to transfer signals at all directions with equal strength. But, the omnidirectional antenna looks to generally provide enough signal to cover all directions. The omnidirectional antenna is commonly found in different access points and client adapters, this is because these situations generally demand excellent coverage within a spherical area around the antenna.

Semi directional antennas For these types of antennas, they have been designed to produce directed, specific signals coverage to cover up large areas. The Yagi antenna is an excellent example of the semi directional antenna.

Highly-directional antennas These types of antenna are used in the case of point-to-point links. A good example of the application of the highly-directional antennas is in the case of two buildings. Usually used in the case of dedicated links, a highly-directional antennas can be used to radiate a concentrated narrow beam over the course of a long distance.

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