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Answering Telephones Assignment Help

As easy as it is, an Answering Telephones Assignment help online can be of immense help to the student. Many students usually need a well-researched and carefully prepared assignment solution that can guarantee them the excellent grades that they need. BookMyEssay has fully invested in the best resources to increase its capacity and digital footprint to provide the best assignment solutions to all students. Our services come highly recommended by tutors and lecturers from around the world.

A Background of Answering Telephone

Answering the telephone might be a very simple concept to many people. This is because they are used to answering telephones in informal situations. However, if you were within any organization or company, you will know that there are holistic processes for answering telephones.

Answering Telephones in Business Environments

According to our Answering Telephones Assignment help guide, it is very important for you to understand the importance of good telephone etiquette in a business environment. Most callers really take first impressions seriously. And many businesses easily lose out on potential transactions if they have employed somebody with the wrong telephone answering technique. This way, it becomes difficult to conduct any business transaction over the phone.

The Seven Important P’s of Handling Phone Calls

Call it business telephone etiquette 101, but answering telephones does have some mannerisms and habits that many clients will be happy to see in a customer. These begin with the seven core P’s of the trade.

Preparation: You need to be ready to answer all types of external and internal calls appropriately. Regardless of who's calling, they will be expecting to deal with a professional customer service representative.

Presence: Call it mental presence, but you have to be mentally aware of all your business calls. This is not the time to be absent-minded because it can be costly.

Politeness: Answering telephones in business communication usually calls for politeness. It is important that you be polite to your caller regardless of his status or level.

Patience: An important objective of business telephone etiquette is patience. During a business call in a working environment, you may want to be patient as this is an important part of the trade.

Personable: If you are personable, you usually add an element of communication skills to easily conduct a business telephone call. This function helps you to establish a decent connection with the caller.

Professionalism: Your professionalism over the phone goes a long way in helping you achieve critical business objectives. In a competitive and dynamic business management, most people will not be present physically for personal meetings. Your ability to conduct a long-distance communication goes a long way in helping you achieve a lot

Proactivity: During a phone call, one of the things that your caller wants to get right is your ability to be proactive. They should know that you are going to proactively help them find a solution to their problems.

Procedure to Answer Any Telephone

Our Answering Telephones Assignment help guide helps students understand what a proper telephone answering procedure is. Since you are usually representing a company or department, it is important to understand the etiquette of the trade. The following elements should be useful when answering telephones. They are:

  • Know when to say “please” and “thank you.”
  • Do not interrupt the caller.
  • Listen carefully to the caller.
  • Pick up the telephone within three rings.
  • Try to answer the telephone by using a friendly greeting.
  • Make sure to smile, they can feel it on the other side.
  • Get the name of the caller.
  • Try to be courteous to a caller that has called your number accidentally.
  • Try to activate your voicemail whenever you are not with your phone.
  • When you first call somebody, and they pick, first introduce yourself.
  • You must always say why you are calling.
  • You must politely apologize and hang up on your call a pro g number.

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