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Airfield Lighting Assignment Help

Airfield Lighting is a special knowledge area that is contained in many aeronautical and aviation courses. This is a special knowledge area that focuses on the methodology used to design and install lighting systems at an airfield. BookMyEssay brings you the timely and professional Airfield lighting assignment help online when you are in need.

When it comes to airfield Lighting systems, there are several types with specific functions required to be performed by each lighting system. Many airports usually feature lighting systems in its runways. These are indicators and Guidance lighting systems, controllers, and runway elevation lights. These special lighting systems are installed on runways in aerodromes and airports in order for pilots to easily identify the characteristics of the airport landing strip.

Airport lighting systems are an important part of airport infrastructure. They are essential for safe landing of aircrafts especially during low visibility conditions, in the nighttime, and to understand the different configurations of airport runways. These lighting systems are also useful in identifying the different obstructions present in an airfield. Many airfield Lighting systems are manufactured and designed with strict compliance to international aviation standards.

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The Major Parts/Components of Airport Lighting Systems

Our quality Airfield Lighting assignment help guide features all you need to know about airport lighting systems. There are various components used in airport lighting systems. These are airport controllers, airport elevated lights, airport guidance systems, and so on.

Airport controllers: Airport controllers come in electrical cabinets that are useful in powering and controlling various runway lighting systems and runway guidance systems as seen on airfields, aerodromes, and airports. Airport controllers are components used to preserve lighting power. Simultaneously, they also act as runway lighting systems which includes guidance systems. BookMyEssay has professional online assignment writers that understand various requirements and standards of various aviation regulatory authorities.

The airport controller contains input protection, the main switch, circuit breakers, surge protection, all output protection, and EMI filters. When it comes to runway lights, we have various circuits used for the runway edge lights. The controller comes with optional devices like the GSM module, the Console, the PC console, and the ARCAL ( the aircraft radio control of aerodrome lighting).

Airport elevated lights: The airport elevated lights are installed on a base plate that comes in a frangible coupling. Airport elevated lights are installed on airport runways as edge lights in the runways, threshold lights, end lights, or used along the taxiway in the form of taxi lights. These are special lights that are installed on runway edges and comes with several parts like:

  • Runway edge light: This is composed of two directional light beam and a single omnidirectional light. The installed directions lights are either yellow or white. The runway omnidirectional light works to help pilots make out the runway configuration as they circle around the runway especially at nighttime.
  • End lights: This involves a single directional red light created to assist pilots to make out the runway ending.
  • Threshold lights: This includes a directional green light to enable pilots to make out the threshold.
  • The combined threshold end light: This is a special airport lighting system that is compos r of dual directional beams. A green and red light.
  • Approach lights: These are high intensity directional beams that helps the pilots to align the plane according to the proper approach path.

Airport guidance systems: Airfield Lighting also feature airport guidance systems. The guidance systems are used to signal and guide the pilots during landing and take-off operations. To ensure that pilots properly execute safe landing and take-off operations, the airport lighting guidance is highly useful. Airport guidance systems includes components like:

  • The wind direction indicator: This is a cone made of fabric. It is illuminated internally or externally and can rotate under the influences of the wind to enable pilots know the wind direction. Under the force of the wind, the fabric is less or more elevated to indicate the wind strength to the pilots. The runway wind indicator is a very useful component on the runway.
  • The runway guard lights: This is a lighting system that forms a dual collection of alternative flashing lights placed on the taxiway side at the entrance of the runway. It is a high intensity light that is used to indicate to the pilot that he is soon to enter the runway of the airport.
  • PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) system: This contains four projectors that are used to indicate the approach angle to the pilot.
  • APAPI system ( Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator) system: This contains two projectors that are used to indicate the approach angle to the pilot.
  • The Runway threshold identification Light (RTIL): This is a dual collection of lights that flash at the same time.

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