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Aircraft Sales Assignment Help

Aircraft Sales is a very lucrative market industry that involves a wide range of profitable and global companies. Many aircraft sales companies are operated and controlled by professionals with one or more degrees in the aviation sector. An airline sales company can also be started by a professional without any aviation degree but with exceptional airline sales records from their previous positions. This people usually have some form of background or professional grounding in the aviation industry. Many aircraft sales professionals are familiar with all the parts of an aircraft. They also understand the various buying trends related to different segments of the market (military, private, commercial, and so on). Many aviation sales experts are also very familiar with the tools of the trade. They totally understand the contract language used during aviation deals, regulations and laws related to aviation sales, and similar legislations. Major aviation sales companies include aircraft carriers, manufacturers of aircraft parts, charter airlines, and so on. You can get high Aircraft Sales Assignment assignment help online from BookMyEssay. We are connected to many professionals in the field of aircraft sales.

A Day In the Life of An Aircraft Sales Agent

An aircraft sales executive usually spends a typical day selling various aviation products. These products are specific to airplanes and its supporting components. As an aircraft sales expert, you will need to evaluate the different trends in the industry. You will also be familiar with researching aircraft conditions, aircraft performance, knowing different airline carriers and so on. You should also be able to check if a specific airline required extra carrier or freight capacity. You should understand how to procure and purchase various new parts of an airplane. A good aircraft sales executive should know that all software applications of a particular aircraft should be updated to the latest version. As an aviation sales manager, you may also be expected to sell or promote special charter flight packages in the case of special events like the Superbowl, the NBA playoffs, the World cup, the Olympics, Hajj pilgrimages, and any global event that requires mass movement of people to a specific location. A flight sales executive will still be expected to set up an engagement or a meeting with potential customers. They are also trained on how best to negotiate deals and close sales on the spot. Aircraft Sales is a very fragile and scant industry that demands the most astute skills and business acumen. Sales executives usually spend a lot of time making deals with customers. Overall, the industry is a high-value and low-volume field.

Marketing in Aviation

Aviation stakeholders are always in the market to get some of the most advanced aircraft systems. With so many suppliers and manufacturers in the sector, there is a huge marketing campaign behind many newly developed products and parts. Marketing is a very important element of managing aircraft companies. This is an important way of sending vital information to the public about new deals and packages in the aviation industry.

The art of buying an aircraft

It can be a complex, exciting, and multifaceted process to purchase an aircraft. Due to the level of effort required to buy an aircraft, buyers usually do so through Aviation purchasing consultants. The process of acquiring an aircraft involves a team of specialized and seasoned experts. This acquisition process is usually executed with a team that includes:

  • An aircraft financing organization,
  • CPA,
  • An aviation attorney,
  • A certified A&P mechanic,
  • An aircraft title and registration company
  • A qualified airplane broker.

Aircraft Manufacturers

When it comes to aircraft sales, companies usually buy from five major manufacturers. In terms of civil aircraft transports, we have five main manufacturers. They are:

Tupoloev: This is a Russian defense and aerospace company. It has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The company produces commercial and military aircrafts and systems. They have manufactured warplanes and missiles for Russia and their allies from the Eastern Bloc. Tupolev commercial planes are inspired by their military prototypes.

Embraer: The company plays in specific market segments of the Aviation industry. It majors in the manufacture of aircrafts for executive aviation, defender, and commercial purposes. The company is headquartered in San Jose Dos Campos, Brazil. It has a global workforce of 17,237. A majority of the workforce are based in down in Brazil.

Bombardier: Bombardier are a major aerospace company. They are known for their innovative and cutting-edge aircraft products. They have their headquarters in Montreal, Canada. They have a global workforce of about 32,500 workers. Bombardier caters to specific market segments of the aviation sector like business jets, commercial aircraft, private jets, aircraft shuttle jets, training planes, etc.

Boeing: They are a major aerospace engineering company. They are the biggest makers of commercial and military Jets. Boeing is an American company with headquarters in Chicago. They currently have a workforce of 158,000 people. Boeing is famous for its 777, 767, 747, and 737 series of airplanes.

Airbus: They are the leading manufacturers of aircrafts in the world. Airbus, has its Mani hubs in Europe, with Toulouse, France as its headquarters. It has 12 different sites all over Europe. The company also has subsidiaries in China, Japan, and USA. They have over 52,000 employees. Airbus is globally known for its versatility and economics. So far, 9,200 aircrafts have been ordered globally. We also provide quality and competitive Aircraft Sales Assignment help with respect bro Boeing as an aircraft sales company.

The Role of BookMyEssay in Providing Aircraft Sales Homework Help

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