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Air Conditioning Assignment Help

Air conditioning is a very prominent component in homes and public buildings. Due to their importance, they are a regular feature for mechanical engineering students to study. Many other students from Electrical and Electronics Engineering will still study about this system. A lot of students come across this popular home appliance in most of their studies. Due to the nature of the appliance, many students usually run into problems trying to perform their air conditioning assignments. This is why BookMyEssay has taken the pain and time to out together a team of professional air conditioning technicians. These professionals work to produce the best Air Conditioning assignment help online for all students. BookMyEssay as a front-line online academic writer provider service is among the few organizations to provide a complete solution on air conditioning assignments.

What Is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is usually shortened to AC or A/C. This is the process whereby heat is removed in an enclosed space. This way the total humidity in the enclosed space is controlled. This makes it easy to breathe and feel comfortable in that space. The process of controlling the humidity of an enclosed space for maximum comfort is achieved by using electric-powered machines also known as air conditioners. Air conditioning involves a family of cooling systems and machines that are used to provide a range of functions like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

Many air conditioners use a special technique called vapor-compression refrigeration. These types of air conditioners usually come in various sizes and they can be made into small-scale units. These miniature units can be used by single rooms or vehicles. There are also massive units which are developed to purposely cool big buildings and spaces. There are also other air conditioning systems like Air Source Heat pumps that are deployed both for cooling and heating. These types of new AC systems are increasingly being deployed in regions with cooler climates. If you need any help concerning quality Air Conditioning assignment help in UK, you can simply contact BookMyEssay.

Air Conditioning Assignment Help: Important Facts

Our Air Conditioning Assignment help guide comes with the best facts on air conditioning systems. There are interesting facts about this important home appliance. Based on the IEA – International Energy Agency about 1.7 billion units of air conditioning were installed. This made up of almost 20% electricity usage in houses worldwide. This number, however, is expected to increase to almost 6 billion units of air conditioning. However, the United Nations have recommended air conditioning brands to make the machines more sustainable to totally eliminate climate changes. The UN told air conditioning manufacturers to increase sustainability of the systems through superior thermal insulation, windcatchers, selective shading, evaporative cooling, and passive cooling.

Air conditioning Systems: Different Types

Our comprehensive homework assignment help online guide comes with the different types of air conditioning systems like given below. These air conditioning types are:

In terms of air conditioning types, there are several options for AC units based on their function and purpose. Ductless AC systems will usually pump conditioned air or heated air to just one room or a few rooms. This is usually done in a decentralized way without using ducts.

When it comes to ductless systems examples are multi-split or multi-zone systems. They are common uses of the ductless AC  systems. They usually enable the supply of air conditioning to eight separate rooms (locations or zones) to be independently conditioned from one another. Each of these AC units come with its individual indoor unit.  The different AC types are:

  • Ducted Central Systems: These are Split system AC units with a central function. They come with dual heat exchangers and an outdoor unit that is used to expel hot air back to the environment. The system also comes with an internal heat system exchanger. The AC works through an accompanying fan coil unit (FCU) which is used to connect to spaces that are to be cooled through ventilation ducts.
  • Portable Units: Portable units are air conditioning systems with wheels and are kept indoors. They also have an outdoor unit that is connected to the indoor unit through flexible pipes. They work like permanently fixed units. They can be moved easily while indoors.
  • Window Units: This is an AC unit that is installed through the wall like a window system. These types of air conditioning systems are used to supply heated air during cold weather.
  • Packaged Air Conditioners: These are also called self-contained AC units. They are central AC systems that can be integrated into a single system housing all the elements of central split systems. They supply conditioned air to different spaces that need cooling. Air is supplied through ducts.

If you need assignment solutions on any of these types of air conditioning systems, BookMyEssay will happily provide you with quality and affordable  Air Conditioning Assignment help.

Other Air Conditioning Techniques

Our comprehensive Air Conditioning Assignment help guide shows that you can also get Air Conditioning Assignment help on other air conditioning techniques from BookMyEssay. The other techniques used for air conditioning systems are:

  • Passive Ventilation: This is a method used to supply and remove air to an enclosed without the use of mechanical systems.
  • Passive cooling: This is a way of optimising a building design to increase its indoor thermal comfort without any consumption of energy.
  • Fans: Fans are an alternative way of cooling an enclosed space. This mechanism have been in existence for a long time.

Features of BookMyEssay To Providing Assignment Solutions

When it comes to the get assignment solutions for air conditioning systems, BookMyEssay is the best option for all students. We cater to students from all parts of the world. We have a team of certified best UK writers that can produce the best assignments. From writing about various air conditioning blueprints to detailing various AC maintenance procedures. Through our team of qualified and dedicated experts, we provide the following features:

  • A 100% success rate with all assignments.
  • Timely delivery of all air conditioning assignments.
  • Premium quality and affordable assignment writing help.
  • A 24×7 help desk system for all students.



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