2 Plus 2 Equals 5

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2 Plus 2 Equals 5

The 2011 Movie Two & Two popularised The argument.

When I used the same reasoning on my elementary school mathematics assignment help in exam, my professor graded it incorrectly. To be honest, I felt duped. Since then, I've longed to disprove the opinion of that cranky professor, and I'm delighted I've finally discovered a solution!

Have you been compelled to accept that 2 + 2 equals 4 by your professor?

Now is the time to disprove him!

You are a Little Einstein, after all, with the freedom to question even axioms.

You can finally tell him how proud you are at this point.

2 + 2 = 5

Who knows how? As you go through the top six arguments for this equation's apparent impossibility, grab a bowl of nachos. Some Useful Tips and Tricks to Solve Train Problem in Math.


Method 1:

Let's start by using the most straightforward approach to handle this odd dilemma.

Let's suppose:

0 = 0

The outcome of subtracting one integer from itself now is "0". Let's say that LHS and RHS have two figures of 4 and 10, respectively.

as such.... 4 - 4 = 10 - 10

where 4 is equal to 2*2 and

10 can also be expressed as 2*5

Continuing to solve the problem, we obtain,

=> 2²-2² = 2×5 - 2×5

=> (2 - 2)(2 + 2) = 5(2 - 2)

(2-2) cancellation from both teams

2 + 2 = 5 (thus established)

Do you believe this strategy was too obvious to persuade your professor? Are you seeking something more crisp? Don't worry; just look at the following technique.

It's beneficial to have a selective friend who doesn't trust what the other friend says.

We therefore have a backup response for those picky friends of ours who are not happy with the argument presented above.


Method 2:

Let's now attempt a new approach to finding a solution to this issue. Consider include some fractions to give the conflict a more serious appearance.


Let's suppose:

-20 = -20 ———- (1)

20 can also be expressed as:

=> 16 - 36 and

=> 25 - 45

When we enter these values into equation (1), we obtain:

16 - 36 = 25 - 45

which is also spelt as:

=> 42 - 4 x 9 + 81/4 = 52 - 5 x 9 + 81/4

=> 42 - (2 x 4 x 9/2) + (9/2)2 = 52 - (2 x 5 x 9/2) + (9/2)2

=> (4 - 9/2)2 = (5 - 9/2)2

=> (4 - 9/2) = (5 - 9/2)

=> 4 = 5

which ultimately shows:

2 + 2 equals 5 (Therefore Proven)

Even Pythagoras, who claimed that the earth is round, was criticised by a small number of people. Always use a fresh approach to support your claims. So, this is technique 3.


Method 3:

Let's now use a real-world scenario to illustrate this issue.

Considering the information provided:

2 + 2=5


4 = 5

Let's say you had four chocolates and distributed them to underprivileged kids. You currently have no chocolate. It can be stated mathematically as follows:

=> 4 - 4 = 0

Now imagine that your friend has five oranges and distributes them all to those kids. Additionally, he eventually leaves with nothing. Mathematically:

=> 5 - 5 = 0

We are able to write

=> 0 = 0

=> 4 - 4 = 5 - 5

Another way to write this is:

=> 4(1-1) =5(1-1)

=> 4=5((1-1)/(1-1))

=> 4 = 5


=> 2 + 2 = 5


=> 2+2=2+2+1


=> 2+2+1=2+2

Even if this approach demonstrates that 2 + 2 = 5, I don't particularly like it. I therefore considered giving the issue some additional flavour. The word "spice" here refers to geometry. After all, visual representations of things are always easier to understand.

Digits don't always convince everyone. Get persuaded in angles therefore with Method 4.


Method 4:

Any geometry lovers out there? Here is the geometrical solution to our peculiar dilemma.

Let us suppose, there’s a triangle with AB = 4, AC = 5 and BC = 3.

Construct the angle bisector of ∠A and the perpendicular bisector of segment B.C.

Now, in the constructed figure:

AB = 4

AC = 5

As a result, the angle and perpendicular bisectors are not parallel. Hence, they intersect at a point O. Perpendiculars OR and OQ should be dropped to sides A.B.. Form segments O.B. and O.C.

Case 1:

AO = AO by reflexivity,

∠RAO = ∠QAO   (AO is an angle bisector)

∠ARO = ∠AQO    (both are right angles)

 By A.A.S. congruence, ΔARO ≅ ΔAQO.

As a result of CPCTC, AR = AQ and RO = OQ. ——-(1)

Case 2:

OD = OD through reflection,

(Both are right angles: ODB = ODC)

BD = DC           (OD cuts BC in half)

ODB > ODC, via S.A.S. congruence.

O.B. = O.C. ——-(2) as a result of CPCTC

Since we've established that

R.O. = OQ ———-(1)

OB = OC ———-(2)

Aside from that, the hypotenuse-leg theorem for congruence indicates that ORB > OQC because O.R.B. and O.Q.C. are both right angles. So, according to CPCTC, B.R. = Q.C. —————(3)

We have demonstrated that BR = QC and AR = AQ. The formula is AB = AR + RB = AQ + QC = AC.

Alternatively, 4 = 5.

 Thus, 2 + 2 = 5.

What? Is it too difficult to understand? Since I enjoy geometry assignment help, I enjoyed it. I still have a surprise in store for those who weren't fans of this approach, though. Interested in what it might be? Continue reading.

Then, you may demonstrate that 2 + 2 = 5. Wasn't that simple?

 Your professor will surely commend you for proving him wrong, I bet! You will undoubtedly become his new favourite!

Even if the solution may be wrong but this high level of logic will surely take your professor or teachers aback.


Method 5 (A bit funny):

"There were two boys attempting to steal two mangoes each from one of my friends, who had five mangoes.

My friendships with my friends have been strained.

I told them to fight it out, and whoever won would get the four mangoes.

My friend started fighting while leaving five mangoes on the ground.

The three engaged in a protracted argument.

My teacher was informed that they were fighting by me. I was eating all 5 mangoes when my teacher ordered them to get on their knees in front of the class.

So I found 2 males who were willing to borrow 2 mangoes from my friend each, giving me a total of 5 mangoes.

Well, until you read it, you would assume it was a programming joke.


Method 6:

This final technique will appeal to you much, especially if you enjoy programming.


Yes! This can also be resolved with a straightforward code. Simply enter these few lines of code, run the compilation, and verify that 2+2=5.

cat test cost.

'#include stdio.h'

Integer main()

int a = 3;

int b = 3;

Aren't we supposed to multiply 2 by 2?

a = 2;

b = 2;

printf (a + b, "%dn",

deliver 0;


Test2.c, 2>/dev/null, gcc -W -Wall

$ ./a.out


Then, you may demonstrate that 2 + 2 = 5. Was that not simple? Your professor will surely commend you for proving him wrong, I bet! You will undoubtedly become his new favourite!

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