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Macroeconomics Assignment Help

Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with how the economy operates as a whole and how different factors like national income, GDP, inflation, unemployment, depression, etc. affect it. Students who specialize in macroeconomics have write assignments, homework, case study or dissertations on topics related to macroeconomics. Due to mathematics being integral part of the subject, students get confused and try to find assignment help online. BookMyEssay is a very good academic writing guidance. Students can always rely on us for Macroeconomics assignment help service.

What is Macroeconomics?

Macroeconomics, the prefix comes from Greek work macro which means "large" + economics. It's a branch of economics that deals with economy and as a whole. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17, has on its 2030 agenda, to enhance global macroeconomic stability. The factors like behavior, decision making, performance, structure of an economy are studied here.

Macroeconomists try to regulate the economy's growth and stability. They study topics like GDP, national income, international trade and finance, unemployment, inflation, price indices, output.

Principles of Macroeconomics

  1. National Income: It analyses the wealth of the nation as a whole. At the end of every financial year, national income is calculated. National Income further results in: Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product and Net National Income.
  2. Economic output: Economic output is the combination of goods and services produced in an economy. The services can be services by doctors, engineers, complete tertiary sector and goods are the ones produced in manufacturing units. The economies of each sector is studied and combined to form economic output. A standard currency, the US dollars, is used by economists to compare economic output as it becomes easier for them to compare the data.
  3. INTERNATIONAL TRADE: The trade that takes place between economies. The macroeconomics and economics assignment help will make you understand International trade.
  4. INFLATION: There is always a rise and fall of prices of goods and services. The study of factors that affect the prices helps the government control the unstable prices. This study is of utmost importance as a part of study of Macroeconomics. The assignment paper help provider BookMyEssay gives in depth knowledge and relevant reports on inflation.

Importance of Macroeconomics

  • It describes how the economy functions as a whole. It also speaks as to how national income and employment depends upon supply and demand.
  • It analyses the forces that affect the economic growth of the nation. Furthermore, gives the factors that will help reach the highest state of economic growth and sustaining it. Thus, it helps achieve high GDP, economic growth, and better employment in the country.
  • The measure required to control the inflation and deflation are all studied under macroeconomics. It suggests policies to stabilize price levels and bring out reasons of fluctuations.
  • Balance of payments is affected by many factors. Macroeconomics helps suggest factors that cause deficit in the balance of payments. It also gives remedial actions.
  • The economic problems like unemployment, poverty, business cycles are solved at macro levels only. To be precise at the economy as whole level.
  • Once we know the detailed information of the functioning of the economy at macro level, it is possible to formulate economic policies and coordinate with economic policies at international level.

The Assignments and Homework’s obtained from us are thorough with the knowledge of the importance of Macroeconomics. The academic writing experts, at BookMyEssay, are graduates in economics from top universities. They have well researched on topics related to macroeconomics and they easily give macroeconomics case study assignment samples.

Macroeconomics Theories

There are six theories under macroeconomics:
  1. Economic growth and development: The per capita real income gives the country's economic status. And all this is studied under macroeconomics.
  2. Theory of National Income: Macroeconomics studies how economy of the country affects the national income and employment.
  3. Theory of Money: Macroeconomics analyses the way Reserve Bank works in an economy. It also studies inflow and outflow of money with its impact on employment.
  4. Theory of International Trade: It is the field of economy that deals with cross border trade. It studies the effect of import and export of goods and services. In brief it determines the duty charged from this type of trade and its effect on economy.
  5. Theory of Employment: This branch of Macroeconomics helps study the Employment conditions in the country. In short, it helps study how employment is affected by supply demand, savings and expenditure behavior.
  6. Theory of General price level: Macroeconomics analyses the pricing of the product. And these price levels fluctuate with inflation and deflation.

Limitations of Macroeconomics

The following are the shortcomings of Macroeconomics:
  1. Considers aggregates as homogenous: The individual data received may not be similar in structure. Thus, when the single figures are put together to find aggregate, they may not be useful.
  2. Deceptive: This whole application of Macroeconomics may be irrelevant when aiming at 100% result
  3. Misconception of Deductive inferences: The inferences from individual activities while dealing in Macroeconomics may not be same when compared to conclusions drawn on mass levels.
  4. Conceptual and Statistical complexities: When the individual data has different units, its aggregation holds no value.
  5. Generalization: The values obtained by aggregation of data, are taken to true or common for all the individuals.
  6. Individual customers neglected: Macroeconomics works on aggregates, thus neglecting the importance of individual units or customers.
  7. Unnecessary aggregate values: When the requirements of individual customers are to be analyzed, these aggregate values hold no importance.

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