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Cash Flow Statement Assignment Help

The objective of preparing a cash flow statement is to show where an organization’s cash is being generated (cash inflows) and where the cash is being spent (cash outflows) over a specific period. Students who require Cash Flow Statement assignment help can buy expert assignment assistance from BookMyEssay to score the highest marks in the semester.

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Meaning of Cash Flow Statement

The term “cash flow” is referred to as the net amount of cash or cash equivalents that are transferred in and out of a company. Cash received is represented as cash inflows and cash paid is considered as cash outflows. Positive cash flow indicates a company’s ability to cover obligations, reinvest in the business, and repay the shareholders.

In simple terms, a cash flow statement is a financial statement where details of cash and cash equivalents such as securities that come inside and go outside of the company are summarized over a period. It measures how well a company generates cash to pay off its debts and obligations and meet its operating expenses.

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Features of Cash Flow Statement (CFS)

  • It is very dynamic in nature as it records all the details of cash investment from beginning to the end of the period.
  • This financial statement complements the income statement and balance sheet of a company.
  • There are three main areas from where cash is being generated, the areas are Financing activities, operating activities, and investing activities.
  • The cash flows are calculated by two methods as direct method and the indirect method.

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Importance of Cash Flow Statement

Following are the importance of cash flow statement:

  • A projected cash flow statement helps to know about the cash position of a company such as cash needed for a specific reason, sources of issues both internal and external, etc. It helps the management to forecast cash details for the future.
  • Since it supplies fund relating information such as replacement of fixed assets or repayment of long-term liabilities etc. it acts as an important statement for the internal management for determining the financial policy to be adopted in the future.
  • It is a significant indicator of the movement of cash such as an increase or decrease in cash and their reasons that helps the management to a great extent. Along with this, it explains the reasons for small cash balance, even if sufficient profit is available.
  • Another importance of the cash flow statement is to help the companies in analyzing the extent to which the cash planning of the company becomes successful. It can only be done by comparing projected cash flow statement with the actual results.

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