The Tricks of Functional Programming for Improving and Simplifying Code

Functional Programming can make code simpler. Here, simplicity means the code is easy to understand and read, maintainable, and testable. It uses techniques such as composition and chaining combined with pure functions that enable writing code at a greater abstraction level. The abstractions represent verbs or standard verbs related to the domain thus making it easy to understand the problem. It is referred to as declarative programming as the focus is on now instead of how.

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Pure Functions can be Reasoned Out Easily

Purity makes the task to understand the code easier. Pure functions can be easy to reason as they cannot perform certain things including having hidden inputs, talking to the external world, or modifying the hidden state.

Pure functions are tested easily as you do not need to worry about them regarding dealing with side effects and hidden state. Besides making unit testing easy, functional code makes easier for using property-based testing.

As pure functions are dependent on the input parameters only for producing their output, it is easier to write debugging applications using pure functions. Though there remains a possibility of making mistakes while writing a pure function, however, once you have a debug output, you have to follow the values to notice what is wrong. As these functions are pure, you do not need to think about what is happening on the remaining application. You should know the inputs given to a pure function, which failed.

The Ability to Reuse Code

Code reuse results in fewer lines of code that results in fewer error while making code modifications. It is called the DRY principle. Some techniques are offered by functional programming such as higher- order functions, partial functions, currying that helps in code reuse.

Higher-order functions: A function that takes some other functions as the argument is known as a higher-order function. One vital thing to note is that the filter is defined one time and the behavior changes depending on the predicate is offered to a filter method. It is the reusability offered by higher-order functions.

Currying: Currying is like partial function. Both help in reuse of function but the difference remains in the usage. It is evident when there are 3 or more arguments in a function. When you create partial functions by providing a single argument, you need to provide two arguments when you use a partial function. In currying, arguments are offered in several steps.

Partial functions: At times functions take more than a single argument. Through the application of different arguments, you can receive multiple functions of the same function

Chaining: Chaining is a form to combine small functions through a builder pattern. Most containers are used for holding combined functions. The containers might use techniques such as shortcircuiting, lazy evaluation, or loop fusion for optimizing the computation.

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