Is this Possible to Claim Nursing Charges Within Medical Policy?

The query is very common for all but, most of us don’t get an accurate answer for that. Here, in this informative piece of content, we want you to know that “is there any policy that allows you to claim for nursing charges” and if there any then “which kind of medical policy helps you to claim nursing charges”.

There are more and more questionnaires for nursing students and patients. But there is not anyone who can let them know about the actual and real answer. So, here we are to make you confident about such queries and related answers via various assignments and papers as well as articles on nursing concepts. We at BookMyEssay are having a particular section for nursing assignment writing help where day by day informative blogs are being written to make students aware of basic and crucial information of the nursing.

How Our Nursing Section Answers for Your Queries

In the similar section, we have written many contents for resolving queries like Is this possible to claim nursing charges within medical policy? One of such blogs which explored the section properly has an answer posted by HDFC EGRO’s Chief Actuary named Anurag Rastogi for the query:

Q: I am an individual having 30 Lakh insurance policy, in the same policy 4 family member is also being covered up. Due to some sudden accident, my husband had to take a long bed rest where the hospital asked 500 rs per day for 52 days to the attendant which comes under nursing charges. Now, when we asked an insurance company to claim this money, they say such nursing charges will not be paid and don’t come under the policy. So, here a query comes in my mind that which kind of post-hospitalization charges can be claimed?

A: For a defined and decided number of days, those expenses are done after immediate discharge will be known as post-hospitalization expenses. And it depends on particular health insurance policy that it will cover the post-hospitalization for how many days.

Such expenses’ clearances are made by the insurance company. The hospitalized individual can claim for that along with other details too. Along with discharge summary of the patient, consulting fee, diagnostic charges, and other relative pre-hospitalization expenses can be claimed. For this, you need to get original bills of hospital and certificate of the doctor is also essential.

Medical investigation and medicine costs can also be claimed but, unfortunately, the nursing charges like hiring an attendant to take care cannot be claimed and not covered by any insurance policy.

What’s The Conclusion Then?

The entire phase of the previous answer and query simply explores that nursing charges can’t be added in any claim for medical purpose and there is not an insurance policy that can help you to claim nursing charges at any cost.

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