Interesting Scientific Facts About Leap Years

Leap years are also known as the intercalary year bisexstile years. Otherwise years are just the common years. As we all know an additional day in inserted in the month of February in a leap year and this date helps us to correct the drift that happens due to astronomical events. Now the main thing we should know better is why exactly do we have a leap year. So we know that there is a leap day every years and that is because of the earth revolving around the sun and completes one revolution in 365 days and 6 hours. So when this happens for 4 years in a row there are 24 hours that get added hence an additional one day a leap day us added to the month of February. Hence we can also say that leap days are actually added to help synchronize human created calendars with the earth's orbit around the sun.

An ancient fact with leap years also says that leap days were also related to marriage and proposals. So generally women were not allowed to propose to men but on leap days they could apparently do so. It's also said that people who are born on leap days are called leaping. To be able to secure the greatest details in this topic please contact BookMyEssay for the quality content which is plagiarism free too as science assignment help.

Scientific Facts and Features behind Leap Years

One of the fact is that a day doesn't have precisely 24 hours and we are saying that because we think that earth rotation lasts for 24 hours and revolution around the sun as 365 days. However it only takes 23 hours , 56 mins and 4 sec to rotate through 360 degrees. Besides the earth has to move a little extra when it revolves around the sun to relatively position itself to the place where it started hence that extra motion is what makes the average to 24 hours.

Someday are actually longer than the other days so we must have noticed the long days short nights in winters and vice versa so that is because the earth is fastest when it is near the sun and earth is slowest when it is far off the sun. The earth completing one complete revolution around the sun will not necessarily and actually mean calendar year but sidereal year where earth revolves and comes back to its original llave from where it started. The sidereal year is not the same as the calendar year. Another fact to note is that the effect of earth orbital revolution, axial rotation, precession actually give an uneven number of days in an year. Also to note is that the Gregorian calendar actually accounts for leap year days very well. It is very simple how we make up for the mismatch in our calendar year and earth's combined motions.

Also the calendar year we are using is only perfect for use for the time being we will have to bring changes yet again. Also the final fate of the earth and moon system will actually be very different from what we see or expect today. For further details and writing assistance in leap year facts contact BookMyEssay for instant assignment writing help online.

Something Unusual and Spiritual About Leap Years

Well since we all know leap years come once in 4 years otherwise we only have common years which really means that the vibrations acts as a sort of empty space in our lives and portal. It offers you with an opportunity to witness something that is not common. Leap days are considered very special in numerology due to number 11 derived from 2 plus 9 which is a significant number in numerology. Well if all these facts excite you or you have a homework for leap year content writing then you can seek science assignment and homework writing help from BookMyEssay.

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