In this blog we will discuss about a novel by Ernest Hemingway "For whom the Bell tolls". This novel was published in 1940. This is about Spanish Civil war. It is a story about a young American volunteer, Robert Jordan. He was assigned the task to blow up a bridge during the attack on the city of Segovia. This novel was published after the Spanish Civil war (1936-1939). This war was considered as the dress rehearsal for Second world war. The novel was published in United States in 1940, which has not entered the war yet. The novel is regarded as Hemingway's one of the best works. Apart from summary and writing services on this poem, BookMyEssay, being academic solution providers, gives academic assignment writing help also.

About the Author

Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899 to 1961), was an American short story writer, journalist, novelist and sportsman. His iceberg theory had a great influence on 20th century fiction. His adventurous lifestyle was admired by later generations. His public image was also sought after. He was awarded Nobel prize in the year 1954. His most of the works are between mid 1920s and mid 1950s.

Many of his works are considered classics of American literature. The works, of his, that were published were 7 novels, 6 short story collections and two non-fiction works. He covered Spanish Civil war as a journalist which formed the basis of his novel "For whom the Bell tolls".

Information on the Novel

Hemingway wrote the novel in Cuba, Florida and Idaho. He worked on the manuscript of the novel in a hotel in Cuba. He completed the novel in a hotel in New York City in July, 1940 and got it published in October, 1940. The novel is based on his experiences during Spanish Civil War. This novel is based on an American protagonist named Robert Jordan. The characters of the novel contained those who were purely fictional, those which were real life based but fictionalised and also those who were actual figures in the war.

Title and Epigraph of the Novel

The novel's title is taken from poet John Donne's series on meditation and prayers on health, pain and sickness, written under the name "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions", published in 1624. The novel by Hemingway has a Epigraph which refers to funeral tolling, which was also referenced from the meditation part of the book by Donne.

The choice of Title and Epigraph made by Hemingway was to pin point the outcome of Spanish Civil War, which had effect on everyone not only Spaniards. The Title and Epigraph also refer to the themes of death within the Novel.

Idea Behind the Novel

The novel For whom the Bell tolls, mainly focusses on the destiny of the nation rather than the main characters. The happenings in the novel are metamorphically expressed in the poetic lines of Donne's "Meditation XVII". So, as to say, according to the novel, a person is inseparable from the society. The one is responsible for all and all are responsible for the tragedy experienced by one.

The most terrifying and cruel tragedies experienced by people is war. It has its effect on people, nations present on both sides of the fence. People are dying and families don't know whether their son, father or husband will come back or not. These are the times when people grief and feel sad for one another as this pain doesnot belong to one person, it touches all.

People grief because, they feel the pain for all as everyone has lost their near ones. And they remember this pain of loss. Thus, as per the novel, the people who live will remember and thise who die -would not hear the bell that "tolls for thee".

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