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Architecture Dissertation Writing Help

Architecture dissertation is usually expected of students of the discipline at the Master’s and doctoral levels. This is a body of work that is demanded from the students to show that they have fulfilled all the requirements needed for them to be awarded their degrees. However, due to the scientific concepts that there are to architectural designs, many students find writing this dissertation very stressful. A typical architecture dissertation will usually expect the student to solve various urban problems with the use of innovative design. With so many case studies to consider, students often find themselves with limited time to complete their dissertations. BookMyEssay provides its support through its architecture dissertation writing help. We have recruited a team of architects to help students create the most perfect dissertations for their final grades.

What is an Architecture Dissertation?

One common question among young architectural undergraduates is whether there is such a thing as an architectural dissertation. Do architects write a dissertation? It turns out that they do and it takes a holistic approach and sometimes the quality architecture dissertation writing help to produce an excellent dissertation. So, what does an architecture dissertation mean?

The architecture dissertation is a special type of thesis that architecture students write towards the end of their programmes. The dissertation or thesis gives the graduating student the chance to showcase the skills that they have learnt ad well as the knowledge they have been able to develop throughout their studies in the university. The dissertation is usually created as a result of researching and analysing a question.

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A Doctorate in Architecture

A doctorate degree in architecture will usually last for about a period of three years and would often involve extensive research. With this program, the student with online architecture dissertation writing help in UK have the chance to conduct an independent research. The research is usually performed with the supervision of a supervisor who is a member of the school’s departmental staff. Before students get onboard the program, they will have to meet special requirements. They will also get to choose suitable research interests. If their research interests looks exciting enough for an academic staff member, the student then get admitted.

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A Ph.D. in architecture is a very exciting and engaging affair. Architecture is among the oldest fields of study. Student who offer to take on the course at the Ph.D. level would usually find themselves dealing with the planning, designing, and construction of objects, buildings, structures, and many more elements. The program is very relevant in our present world. Students who successfully pass the program would end up as architectural researchers or college professors to develop knowledge and understanding further in the field.

Ph.D. in the Field of Architecture

Most design schools will usually offer architecture at the doctoral level. The curriculum of the program will usually see students completing architecture courses, a minimum of one foreign language, and a core research. As soon as the students complete their core courses, they can then choose some elective courses and start working on their project dissertations. Some potential courses of architecture at the doctoral level are:

  • Building science and research methods
  • Criticism in the field of architecture
  • Historical research methods in architecture
  • Design, cultural, and social factors
  • Urbanization and developing countries
  • Research options

These courses are also potential source of research for architecture dissertations. A good architecture dissertation thesis help should naturally produce contents on the above-mentioned topics without any problem. People who graduate from doctoral architecture programs do not apply to work full-time in the profession. They will rather apply to get research and teaching positions which can be obtained with various universities and organisations.

Format for the Architectural Dissertation

A lot of students will usually fail their dissertations because of using the wrong format. Any student who intends to write their architectural dissertations should be aware of the current format for doing so. Or they can just contact an architecture dissertation writing company to do this for them. This is the right format of the architecture dissertation:

The title page: This is the first page of the dissertation which comes with the title of the dissertation, the name of the student, the name of the degree/program, the universities name, name of department, and then the date.

The acknowledgement: This part of the article is used to express gratitude and thanks to the people who made your program possible.

Abstract: This is a summary of what will be discussed in your dissertation.

Contents: The contents contain the chapters, the sections, as well as all the sub-sections of your dissertation.

The literature review: This section comes with an in-depth review of existing or available writings and works on a similar topic as yours.

The methodology: State the methods you used for the research.

The results: A presentation of relevant statistical information and discoveries.

The discussion: The section of the dissertation where results and findings evaluated.

Recommendations: This is the part of the project where you state your opinion about the topic.

The bibliography: This is where you use the right reference/citation style to reference your sources.

The Role of BookMyEssay to Providing Ph.D. Architecture Students with Dissertation Help

BookMyEssay is a household name in the business of providing quality architecture dissertation writing help for all architecture students at the doctoral level. We have recruited a team of professional architecture specialists that are very familiar with various Ph.D. in architecture topics. This means that they are able to perform any case studies, evaluative assignments, online presentations, written and oral presentations, and many more. BookMyEssay also have a team of professionals that will also provide dissertation editing, dissertation proofreading service, and rewriting solution of any available dissertations.

Our professionals offers its dissertation assistance service by also providing a 24 x 7 support communication channel. This helps to trigger communication between the students and the specialists. This is also used as a way for the student to send in their feedback about certain projects. Our dissertation editors are also known for our cheap and affordable architecture dissertation writing help.



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