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Amazon Assignment Help

Our Amazon assignment help online comes with various case studies that show various sides and perspectives of Amazon as a unique business model., Inc is a multinational technology company that is based in America.

A Background on Amazon

The company focuses on artificial intelligence, digital streaming, cloud computing, and e-commerce. Amazon have been referred as being among the most influential cultural and economic forces across the globe. Amazon is one of the most valuable businesses and brands in the world. It is up there with Coca-Cola, Nike, Visa, and so on. Amazon is currently among the Big Five information technology companies that we have in the USA. Other notable names in the list are Microsoft, Meta, Apple, and Alphabet.

A Case Studies on Amazon

Our case studies on Amazon involves a detailed analysis on the company. We can offer in-depth research and be able to unearth rare insights for students. According to our comprehensive Amazon assignment help, Amazon uses this trade name for all of its commercial operations. Before it became Amazon, it was called Cadabra, Inc from 1994 to 1995. Amazon is a public company that is present in various industries like supermarket, self-driving cars, digital distribution, entertainment, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and e-commerce.

Amazon was founded 27 years ago on the 5th of July, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington. The company was started by Jeff Bezos. With its headquarters located in Seattle, Washington, the e-commerce company caters to shipping and other logistics around the world. Apart from being an ecommerce platform for selling other people’s items, Amazon also has its own products. The company has products like Kindle, Fire OS, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and the Echo. Apart from physical products, the company also has several services it offers to its customers.

The services of the company includes Amazon Web services, Ring, Twitch, Amazon prime video, Amazon prime, Amazon music, Amazon Luna, Amazon Appstore, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon (the e-commerce platform). The company have a total revenue of half a trillion. Amazon currently rivals many companies like AT&T as the biggest employer of labour. The e-commerce company have a total workforce if 1,608,000. Amazon is one of the US-based companies with the biggest amount of subsidiaries. Jeff Bezos have acquired most of these companies through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). They are companies whose corporate services are strategically important to the e-commerce organization.

A Case Studies On Amazon’s Supply Chain Service

Amazon first started its shipping and supply network circa 1997. When it first for started, it had two fulfillment centers in Newcastle (Delaware) and Seattle (Washington). Amazon has various distribution facilities that have various segments. These segments are core aspects of its logistical services. Its facilities is made up of sortation centers, prime air hubs, prime now hubs, delivery stations, fulfillment centers, and cross-dock centers. The company currently has 25 main sortation centers and 75 main fulfillment centers. These centers (100 in total) have a total workforce of more than 125,000 employees. The employees in these centers work constantly albeit in convenient shifts. The employees at each of these centers are expected to carry out five primary tasks. These tasks:

  • Unpacking and checking incoming items,
  • Proper goods placement/storage and location recording,
  • Sorting goods from specific locations and packaging for shipments,
  • Sorting, arranging, and packing orders, and
  • Shipping

Amazon Robotics

Our Amazon homework help online also includes includes a case studies on Amazon Robotics. Amazon warehouses ate automated. They are not fully automated because human workers are a critical part of the daily chain of sorting and packing. However, the company have invested in a range of robots and semi-autonomous machines to help improve the efficiency and productivity of its warehouses.

Jeff Bezos recognizes this part of the business as critical to brand identity and customer perception. Amazon warehouse activities are core to the business and can even be more essential than office activities. This warehouse floor is where the virtual ecommerce shop of the company gets supported. This means that productivity should be at an all-time high at all times.

Reliable Writing Service Provided by BookMyEssay

When it comes to Amazon assignment help, BookMyEssay counts as the best online platform to get you quality assignment. Our case studies on Amazon ranges from a study of the business model to its warehousing management. We can help you create quality content on the Amazon affiliate programme, its supply chain system, and warehouse logistics. When it comes to the creation of quality content on Amazon, you can depend on BookMyEssay because we have what it takes to develop a topnotch all writing service.

Accurate Case Studies On Amazon

As an ecommerce company, Amazon have continued to expand and grow into different sectors. The growth and success of the company has enable it to acquire and merge with many companies. Due to its financial strength, the company is able to grow and form 41 subsidiaries. These segmented businesses are able to contribute globally to its billion dollar revenue.

BookMyEssay is a topnotch educational support provider that has the ability to provide the needed level of Amazon case study writing help. When it comes to quality and accurate solutions, you can depend on us. We have what it takes to produce premium and exclusive academic assignment solutions on any part of Amazon as a business.

We can also produce any brand journey like how Amazon went from a bookselling online platform to the biggest e-commerce platform in the world.

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BookMyEssay is one of the leading educational online provider of premium and exclusive assignment solutions for all students. You get the following benefits with our services:

Quality assignments: We have a team of in-house best UK writers that are qualified and trained on assignment production.

Unlimited access to research databases: As an academic assistance platform, we have access to some of the most accurate and premium scientific research databases. We also have good access to numerous papers and articles.

Timely delivery: Our accelerated rate of assignment production allow us to suit all assignment solutions well before the time.



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